We realise that being an expert entails responsibility. Therefore, in our everyday activities, while pursuing the principal objectives of our company – the leader of customs services and customs compliance – we also carry out the policy of a socially responsible company. We focus on those areas that concern the everyday life and social environment of the company – including our employees, their families, and local communities.

For this reason, we aid our employees in undertaking physical activity and developing their passions. We are also a patron of the arts and we support local communities. We offer help in exceptionally difficult circumstances such as charity drives for flood victims.

  • Each year, we share 1% of our tax, supporting the activities of the local Scout District.
  • We ensure free‑of‑charge customs clearance of goods for public benefit organisations.
  • We organised a drive for basic supplies to assist flood victims.
  • We support passions of our employees, that is why we decided to participate in charity raid Złombol donors
  • We take part in sport charity events supporting the needy, and at the same time sportively activating our employees, eg start on the run  Warszawa Business Run