Quality policy and objectives

The primary objective of the quality policy of Rusak Business Services Sp. z o.o. is to satisfy the needs and fulfil the expectations of our Clients as regards high quality of logistics, freight forwarding, and customs services.

Pledging to constantly improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS), which includes the Internal Control System (WSK), we establish the following strategic quality objectives:

  • to build durable and positive relations with Clients and Contractors as well as inside the company;
  • to build the image of a trustworthy commercial partner;
  • to extend the range of services provided on the domestic market and to broaden the access to markets in other countries;
  • to solidify the company trademark as a guarantee of quality;
  • to optimise the cost of the services offered.

These objectives are pursued through:

  • delivering innovative services, designed and performed in a fully professional manner;
  • engaging both the entire management and all the employees in taking care of quality;
  • constantly improving the QMS with the view of integration with other management systems;
  • cooperating with Clients in order to learn their needs and expectations;
  • collaborating with suppliers on a partnership basis;
  • improving communication inside the company;
  • constantly increasing the employees’ competences and awareness;
  • improving the work environment and infrastructure;

and within the Internal Control System:

  • giving priority to the quality policy over the revenue generation policy;
  • ceasing to trade in goods if it is against national and international law;
  • strictly observing the WSK principles in all job functions;
  • ensuring supervision of the QMS Representative over the operation of the WSK procedures.

Contentment and satisfaction of Clients and employees is essential for our company’s success.

The company’s management declares that all the employees co‑create the contents of the Quality Policy and thus identify with its objectives and respect the principles of the Quality System.


AEO Certificate

Since 2009, we have the AEO Certificate for the Authorised Economic Operators. The complex certification process validated RUSAK Business Services as a company that is trustworthy as regards its finances and accounting, and satisfies the strictest requirements concerning information security policy. Thanks to the certificate, we can use the procedural simplifications offered by customs authorities and ensure effective outsourcing.

AEO Certificate for RUSAK East

Since 2020

Business Gazelles

As one of the most dynamically developing companies in the SME sector, we have once again become a laureate of the prestigious Business Gazelles 2022 ranking.

Forbes Diamonds

For another year in a row, we are among the winners of the prestigious group of Forbes Diamonds 2023. „Forbes Diamonds is and annual ranking of companies that have most effectively increased their value in the last three years. The title Forbes Diamond 2023 is a confirmation of being among the best companies in Poland.

Reliable company

A reliable, credible and solvent entrepreneur – that’s about us. Rusak Business Services Sp. z o.o. is a participant of the RELIABLE COMPANY program. The Certificate of Reliability awarded to us confirms the lack of unpaid liabilities listed in the National Debt Register BIG SA.
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